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    Don says:
    There are those who dance. There are those who don’t dance because they don’t like to dance. And there are those who don’t dance because the music is terrible.



Here I am at the rave
It’s a scene from beyond the grave
I don’t know if we’re damned or saved
But at least we’re excited

I’m hanging out by the door
I won’t get on the floor
What did I come here for?
Why was I invited?

Though I’ll stay behind
From the bump and grind
If I could find
Good Music
I would dance

Maybe I’m sick
Or maybe it’s just my shtick
Maybe I’m just a dick
Who doesn’t play well with others

Ah, but what if I’m not
And everything’s gone to rot
And nothing that’s really hot
Is ever discovered?

Though my heart’s resigned
To a nevermind,
If I could find
Good Music,
I would dance

When it comes I want to be there with you
When it comes I want to be there with you
But will you still be dancing?

I’m not gonna volunteer
To hang from the chandelier
But if I hear
Good Music
I’ll dance
If I could hear
Good music,
I would dance
Let me hear
Good Music
And I’ll dance

So keep on dancing
Keep on dancing
I’ll see you in a while
When I’m ready


from A Layman’s Guide to The Shut​-​Ups, released June 15, 2012
originally appears on the “Imaginary Dancer” album
(c) 2008 Down Syndrome Superhero Music, ASCAP

Don Condescending: keyboards, drum programming, lead vocal
Ben Spraker: guitar, backing vocal
Thaddeus Thompson: bass

Produced by Christopher Snell and Jason NeSmith at Bel Air Studio, Athens GA



all rights reserved


The Shut-Ups Atlanta, Georgia

We're a five-piece new-wave power-pop band from Atlanta and Athens, GA and practice daily at 6AM. We do more before 8AM than most bands do all week.

We're not about Pleasure or Fun. You may enjoy listening to us. You may not. You may pretend to enjoy us because others you respect seem to. They may be pretending, too. In which case you may want to consider what else they're pretending about.
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